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Live from Tinos
Mykonos LIVE with Lianos...
3on3 Aegean Ball for Cosmote
Live with Tamta!
Live Streaming for Germanos @ADAF
Massive Setup for Wireless HD Stream
Opening Ceremony - Documenta 14
Ultra Portable Live Streaming Setup
Filming - ERT - Social Growth
Athens Wearhouse Filming
Documenta 14 - Opening Party
Megaron - Triadi
Documenta 14 - Press Conference
Live Streaming Setup
Media Training @Coca-Cola
Documenta 14
Filming for FOX
Spyros Fokas!! Live Streaming
Filming - Live Streaming
Multicam Live Streaming
GBOB Berlin Finals
Interviews Live Streaming
Locomondo Live Streaming
48hours Live Streaming
Support your Local Pornstar
New Long Fest 2016
20 Year +Soda
Live Streaming with DRONE
Lay Low - Bitches Rulez
Live Streaming Qualisound Lights!
Athens School Festival
fb add - Copy
Modern Mental Rebellion
Heartcore Fest
GBOB Greece
2 Smoking Barrels
Sokratis Sinopoulos - Eight Winds
Allochiria on Six Dogs
New Long Fest 2015
Silent Wedding Live Session
Rock on The Beach
Universe 217 LIVE from AN Club
Remi and the Road
Drum Festival
Schooldrivers Live Session
Up The Hammers Fest 2016
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