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Crane + DJI Ronin gimbal combo for amazing shots!

Looking for interesting shots? New ways to boost your video? Well... Combining a gimbal with a crane is a way to see your frames in a different ways and take some great footage. DJI Ronin M is one of our ultra super favourite pieces from our gear. We had this idea of combining our gimbal with a crane but didn't want to mesh around with the problems of setting up a crane. The solution came from the Greek manufacture company "Zetarm". For a 3 meter crane they can manufacture a construction without cables. They have this "patent" of assembling the crane very easily with just 2 steps. Assembling takes just 5-10 minutes. Then we asked them to do a custom construction so we can mount our gimbal an

Gimbal + Tele-Lens for slow-mo Sports Filming

On February 2019 we were invited by "We The People" production team to join them on filming Navarino ProAm golf tournament. It was our third time going on the tournament and our job was to shoot the slow-motion shots of the players and also some real time footage. Last time we have used our gimbal and GH5s for the slow-motion stuff. The results were great since we could combine movement and 200fps. But this time, using our latest gear, we decided to push the slow-mo shooting event further and put on the gimbal and the GH5s a tele-photo lens. This is the power of Micro Four Third system that allows you to put such a lens on a gimbal. This lens on a full frame camera would be huge and heavy an

Enhance your event with Live Video

There as several tricks you can do to make your corporate event interesting and exiting. One is definitely Live Video. Check the showcase below on how we used Live Video on a corporate event. No theory involved... Just real action! Our client has arranged to through their event in a very well know Club in Athens, so called "Lohan". The venue had a super big Led Wall and a smaller one below the DJ booth. The idea and the challenge was to take over the control of both TV Walls and send Live Video Feeds from a booth that we would setup in the entrance and also from the main talks. Using a MAC with Resolume Arena we did take the control of the TV Walls and did the mapping and resolution adjustme

Full Frame VS MFT (Micro Four Thirds)

Let's make two things clear from the very first beginning. In this article we focus on filming not photography. There are different systems for different reasons. Each one has to figure out what system suits his needs. Having said that. For our daily needs we - as Local Stage - figured out that the Micro Four Thirds system is great. So piece after piece we ended up on the following setup: - Panasonic GH5s - Panasonic GH5 - 7-14mm - 25mm f1.4 - 42,5mm f1.2 - 12-60mm f/2.8-4 - 35-100mm f2.8 I could name the reasons this setup suits our needs but this in not the purpose of the article. I want to point the reasons I found the MFT system more effective rather that the Full Frame that is super sup

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