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Gimbal + Tele-Lens for slow-mo Sports Filming

On February 2019 we were invited by "We The People" production team to join them on filming Navarino ProAm golf tournament.

It was our third time going on the tournament and our job was to shoot the slow-motion shots of the players and also some real time footage.

Last time we have used our gimbal and GH5s for the slow-motion stuff. The results were great since we could combine movement and 200fps.

But this time, using our latest gear, we decided to push the slow-mo shooting event further and put on the gimbal and the GH5s a tele-photo lens.

This is the power of Micro Four Third system that allows you to put such a lens on a gimbal. This lens on a full frame camera would be huge and heavy and impossible to be used on an gimbal going around the course all day.

So not only we used a tele lens on the gimbal but the amazing 35-100mm with constant aperture f2.8 and internal zoom!

Constant f2.8 is amazing for shooting video with shallow depth of field on 200mm (!!) full frame equivalent!!

At the same time the internal zoom of the lens is GREAT gimbal since weight doesn't change as you zoom in/out.

The results... Oh my god!!!

The ability to go so close to the players and yet be so far..., do super smooth gimbal movement, shoot at 200fps (we love our GH5s) and have shallow depth of field..

You can check some of our slow-motion shots on the amazing video reel that "We The People" put together.

Pay attention to the shot on 0:48, 1:24, 4:05 and our favourite on 4:14! Anyway, you get the picture!

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