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Crane + DJI Ronin gimbal combo for amazing shots!

Looking for interesting shots? New ways to boost your video?

Well... Combining a gimbal with a crane is a way to see your frames in a different ways and take some great footage.

DJI Ronin M is one of our ultra super favourite pieces from our gear.

We had this idea of combining our gimbal with a crane but didn't want to mesh around with the problems of setting up a crane.

The solution came from the Greek manufacture company "Zetarm".

For a 3 meter crane they can manufacture a construction without cables. They have this "patent" of assembling the crane very easily with just 2 steps. Assembling takes just 5-10 minutes.

Then we asked them to do a custom construction so we can mount our gimbal and YES they did it!

The possibilities of the combo are amazing and versatile.

Having the thump controller of the Ronin on the grip the setup can be control from only one operator!!!

Check some shots of the combo on the video below that we have filmed and edited.

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