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LIVE from Athens to Thessaloniki to BERLIN!!!

From Athens to Thessaloniki to BERLIN!!!

Local Stage crew will bring wherever you are great events this May from different cities of the world!

BERLIN - For 1st time in the world an international music contest is being webcasted and people have the chance to vote!! GBOB World Final 2016 Berlin Live Streaming link:

Thessaloniki - Straight from the Heart Records presents Heartcore Fest Vol 1! The biggest core festival in Greece on Live Streaming link for Friday 6/5 ⇨ DAY#1 Live Streaming link for Saturday 7/5 ⇨ DAY#2 20 bands on a 2day fest! DAY#1: Embrace The Paradox ◆ In Search of Atlantis ◆ Morphinject ◆ Astrarot ◆ Dawn Of Sorrow ◆ Sewn Mouth ◆ Psyanide ◆ Killing Intent ◆ Glance of Medusa ◆ Divine Sorrow DAY#2 Kin Beneath Chorus ◆ STREETWISE (Larissa HARDCORE) ◆ Show Your Face ◆ Reduced to Nothing ◆ Cartilage ◆ Dagger of Betrayal ◆ Destiny Default ◆ Blackryse ◆ Circus Veil ◆ Mike Anson

Athens - The most unticipated undergound event in Greece LIVE from 2 SMOKING BARRELS RADIO SHOW Live Streaming link: LINE UP: UNIVERSE217 • POEM • HIDDEN IN THE BASEMENT • MANI DEUM • SUN, RAIN IN LIFE • BREATH AFTER COMA • THE ROAD MILES


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